test m4a file

first a link, launches user off site: link here NOW inside an iframe, keeps the user on the qiigo page:

Cloudinary test f_auto

original cloudinary url was “https://res.cloudinary.com/duqld0nat/image/upload/v1542661562/IMG_4337.webp” So, adding the f_auto here did NOT make webP fallback to jpg for Firefox: “https://res.cloudinary.com/duqld0nat/image/upload/f_auto/v1542661562/IMG_4337.webp” more notes “https://cloudinary.com/blog/transparent_webp_format_cdn_delivery_based_on_visitors_browsers“ <?php echo cl_image_tag(“sample.jpg”, array(“width” => 300, “crop” => “scale”, “fetch_format” => “auto”)); ?> LEFT OFF AT… how to alter the URL to dynamically serve the WebP version to Chrome, but fallback to